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On this page we'll explain how we use your personald data and which cookies are used by us or third parties.


We carefully use your provided data such as e-mail and name. We do not sell e-mail address or other data and we don’t pass any data to others. The data that is being sent to use thru contact forms or e-mails is treated confidentially you will not be approached unasked.


For the proper functioning of this website we are using cookies. A cookie is a small file that is be sent along with the pages of the site and is being stored by your browser on your computer. only uses cookies that are necessary for the functioning of this site.

The use of cookies is important for the proper functioning of the site but also cookies of which you not immediately see the effect (such as Google Analytics) are very important. The anonymous input is being used to get a picture how our site is being used and how we can improve it further.

The tracking cookies, that are being placed for analytics purposes or adverts are so called third party cookies. These cookies are not placed by ourselves but by third parties and as such we cannot take responsibility for these.

You do not want cookies to be placed ? You can turn cookies off in your browser. How you can do this you can find on the website of the Dutch Consumer organisation.

Overview of used cookies

Below it is described which third party cookies are being used.

Google Analytics

Thru Google Analytics anonymous data is being collected on the surfing behaviour. Thru this we can see how visitors like yourself use our site. We use the information to improve our site. The information collected is being stored by Google on serves in the United States. Google provides this data also to Advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google can provide information to third parties if Google is forced to do so legally. We cannot influence this. We have not authorized Google to use the collected analytics data for other Google Services. Please read the Google Privacy Policy for further information, as well as the specific Google Analytics privacy policy.

You do not wish your surfing behaviour to be tracked ? You can download from the Google Website a browser plugin for this. This setting will work for any site you’ll visit not only for You can download the plugin here.